... fait pour les amuser !

A precious service

Our establishment is dedicated to early childhood education fully oriented to offer your child a well-rounded initial social experience.


The passion of a team

Your child’s enjoyment in seeing us every day, their learning and advancement, and your peace of mind of knowing they’re in good hands … are the reasons that we do what we do!


Magical spaces

Specially designed for toddlers, our facilities reassure parents while quickly captivating any ‘mini-explorers’. We strive for security and hygiene without compromising aesthetics.


energyLAUGHScreativityconcentrationand more...

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Ursule & Zoé

More than 150m² of magic and surprises
to enjoy in complete safety!

Ursule & Zoé

Answer to their insatiable curiosity,
our workshops captivate them!

Ursule & Zoé

because you want
the best for your child!

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